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Chaos Surprise

by | Oct 31, 2023 | 0 comments

Album: Bitstream Genesis | Song: Chaos Surprise | Artist: Fermus

This beat is a remake of an old tune I did back in the days that came in second place in a compo held by https://modarchive.org/ Added some more gaming/chiptune stuff to represent the god ol days.

The story of the musicvideo:

A cozy, dimly lit room with vintage posters on the wall. A shelf is filled with retro video game cartridges and consoles. In the center, Alex sits on a comfy bean bag chair in front of an old CRT television. The TV screen displays pixelated gameplay from a classic 80s video game.

Alex holds a vintage game controller with intense focus. A sudden surge of energy radiates from the TV screen. A swirling vortex of pixel art and chiptune music envelops Alex, causing him to reach out in surprise as he are pulled into the game. The room around him distorts as he get sucked into the pixelated world where there are happy characters dancing everywhere.

Alex is now stuck there 4-ever.

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