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Get your first NFT free

by | May 14, 2022 | Articles, Guides | 1 comment

Want to get your first free NFT?

You may have heard of read about some pictures of monkeys that sold for millions of dollars or have seen an advertisement with some retired celebrity on Facebook offering you to buy an NFT of his new creation?

In this post, I will simplify the process and give you a clear and simple explanation of what an NFT really is. You will have access to your very own NFT in your mobile that you can rest your eyes on (or sell) when you feel like it and enjoy that you have just been introduced to a new technology that will be a big part of ownership in our future.

Just like everything else, it takes job, investments and often a lot of luck to get rich on NFTs, so therefore I prepare you here and now that you will not get rich after this post. However, it may help you understand the meaning of the technology and give you a new interest.

To begin with, you need somewhere to store your NFT so no one else will be able to steal it from you, what you need is a wallet. I recommend Enjin wallet because I myself have used it since 2018 and today there is an integrated carbon neutral blockchain without any fees for transactions that work together with the standard of NFTs (ERC-1155).


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Enjin (on Ethereum) is currently developing Efinity (on Polkadot), which will be two connected block chains. I do not intend to go into the blockchain technology in this post but it is good to know which blockchains IS mentioned in this post.

To be able to install Enjin wallet, you need a smartphone, start by downloading and opening the installer:

  1. Install Engine wallet
  2. Select [open wallet]
  3. Select [create wallet]
  4. Accept Terms and conditions
  5. Enter a password
  6. Select Tokens / Coins you want to use, it works well to just continue with [create wallet]

    Write down all the words on a piece of paper and put them in a secret place, these so-called seeds are only yours and can be used to retrieve your new blockchain address on another phone if your phone, for example, should break.

    It’s important that you NEVER share your seeds if you do not want someone to take over your wallet, DO NOT save them somewhere in a text file on your computer or take photos with your mobile. The idea is that they should be completely offline only for your eyes if the crisis should arise.

    You has now acquired your very own blockchain address that you can use to receive your NFTs or send and receive crypto transactions. Now that you’ve been so good at using the ever more advanced method of acquiring your own blockchain address, I think you’ve earned to fetch your very own NFT .


  1. Open up your wallet
  2. Chose [Assets] i menu
  3. Chose [Receive] :

    This is your official ETH address on the blockchain, the long string beginning with 0x is your public ETH address and can be shared with anyone. If you want someone to send you a coin or an NFT, this is the address you should share to them. Same if you want an NFT currently on Enjin jumpnet. So.. this adress works for: Token and assets on the Ethereum blockchain and the private Enjin jumpnet blockchain but currently not on the binance smart chain and other blockchains. (This is currently being worked on by Enjin with Efinity).
  4. Tap the backbutton
  5. Go to the menu and chose [Scan QR]

    Scan this QR kod
scan free nft

You should recieve your first NFT after some seconds up to minutes.

If it would not work it is probably because Enjin has changed the QR code, the batch or are out of this particular NFT. You can try visiting Enjin’s website to find a QR code to scan.

A tip is to always keep an eye on @ENJIN on Twitter and social media where they often release NFTs.


  1. Go back to [Assets]
  2. There should now be something called Enjin collection 2.0 (JumpNet) in your list. Go to it.
  3. Click Enjineer
  4. Click Enjineer #xxxxx
  5. See here you now several choices where you can:

    . Sell ​​your NFT on Enjin jumpnet marketplace

    . Migrate your NFT to Ethereum (costs gas)

    . Send your NFT to another address on Jumpnet
  6. Under Asset details you will see a “reserve value” which is the amount you can get for your NFT if you destroy it (melt).

    This means that if you do not want to keep your NFT but do not want to sell it, you can destroy it by “melt” it
    which is not recommended as you get all the more so if you sell it.

    You will then get back the contents of the $ JENJ cryptocurrency, but your NFT will disappear for good.

    $ JENJ is the cryptocurrency on Enjin Jumpnet that is migratory to $ ENJ
    $ ENJ is the cryptocurrency on Enjin (Ethereum) that can trade: as across the entire Ethereum blockchain
    $ EFI is a new cryptocurrency on Efinity (Polkadot) which will link all blockchains

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