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Alright, after a lot of work and doing crazy shit things IRL i focused on renting some cards today, i started off smal with the Mylor after i had a talk with my guild. I went up to bronze 2 very fast but been stuck since so i rented Oaken Behemoth and now is starting to climb up again. I just love it that you have to stuy the cards and choose different tactics based on the opponents.

I noticed SPS has been declining after that big pumparumpa, but it’s ok fren, I’ve been through this to many times to let the fomo feckery demons take over. SPS has a great utility and we will probably see loads of nice uppies while we play. I’m sticking with my staked ones for a long time! how about u?

I love it that i got my play back.. i was about to leave this game. Hope ya all own!

#splinterlands #spt

image 1 | FERMUS
Myler, Spirit druid and Oaken – Splinterlands