An outspoken NFT, Web3, and blockchain games
fanatic. occasionally writes about IRL stuff too.


All of my posted info on this homepage is strictly done as a hobby of mine as i am 100% believer in the tech of the blockchain where I see the future for our kids blossom in to a new digital era. I have no significant deal of crypto laying around except the NFTs i have earned through playing or recieved through giveaways.

I have NO intensions of giving any financial advices or any reasons to “pump” or “schill” any crypto or NFT nor do I have I ANY involvements in any coin-offerings or bought any NFTs or Crypto with my own money.

I believe that there will be a new era where gamers will be actively play “Play and Earn” games and that it will be the forefront to the real Metaverse.

If you are only looking for tips on how to earn money by playing games I suggest you go find yourself another job instead but if you are looking for collecting NFTs as a part of the future in gaming. You have come to the right place.

If you cant play games for the fun of it, you shouldn’t, simple as that.