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This is my first tune made since way back, i did this in a couple of hours and it really brought me back to when i started tracking in -96.

It has been 20 years since i last laid eyes on any tracker software, i’ve been in the demoscene since before the millenium and i still do have the passion for it but i have not had any time over to let go and use my ADHD on melodies like i did back in the days.

The idea has now come to a start and this tune took about 16 hours to finish, in between diaperchanging , my real work and skateing with my 2 other kids.

BLOCK 777 was composed in Open ModPlug Tracker and it’s original is made as an .XM (Fasttracker 2)

The tune starts off with a really bad and untuned synth sound and bleeping surprising noices who is refering to the first time i started tracking back in -96.
The tune later converts into a beeping dance tune with all my precious melodies from my head merged togheter in to a final digital battle.

Please use headphones or nice sound hardware 😉

The name Block is refering to my involvement in the blockchain and the numbers 777 is signs of divine guidance and times to get rewards for made efforts.

Heres a video of the tracker i am working in to do it’s job of processing every note. (play separate)


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