Get your first NFT free

Want to get your first free NFT?

You may have heard of read about some pictures of monkeys that sold for millions of dollars or have seen an advertisement with some retired celebrity on Facebook offering you to buy an NFT of his new creation?

In this post, I will simplify the process and give you a clear and simple explanation of what an NFT really is. You will have access to your very own NFT in your mobile that you can rest your eyes on (or sell) when you feel like it and enjoy that you have just been introduced to a new technology that will be a big part of ownership in our future.

Just like everything else, it takes job, investments and often a lot of luck to get rich on NFTs, so therefore I prepare you here and now that you will not get rich after this post. However, it may help you understand the meaning of the technology and give you a new interest.

To begin with, you need somewhere to store your NFT so no one else will be able to steal it from you, what you need is a wallet. I recommend Enjin wallet because I myself have used it since 2018 and today there is an integrated carbon neutral blockchain without any fees for transactions that work together with the standard of NFTs (ERC-1155).


Enjin (on Ethereum) is currently developing Efinity (on Polkadot), which will be two connected block chains. I do not intend to go into the blockchain technology in this post but it is good to know which blockchains IS mentioned in this post.

To be able to install Enjin wallet, you need a smartphone, start by downloading and opening the installer:

  1. Install Engine wallet
  2. Select [open wallet]
  3. Select [create wallet]
  4. Accept Terms and conditions
  5. Enter a password
  6. Select Tokens / Coins you want to use, it works well to just continue with [create wallet]

    Write down all the words on a piece of paper and put them in a secret place, these so-called seeds are only yours and can be used to retrieve your new blockchain address on another phone if your phone, for example, should break.

    It’s important that you NEVER share your seeds if you do not want someone to take over your wallet, save them somewhere in a text file on your computer or take photos with your mobile. The idea is that they should be completely offline only for your eyes if the crisis should arise.

    You has now acquired your very own blockchain address that you can use to receive your NFTs or send and receive crypto transactions. Now that you’ve been so good at using the ever more advanced method of acquiring your own blockchain address, I think you’ve earned your very own NFT .


  1. Open up your wallet
  2. Chose [Assets] i menu
  3. Chose [Receive] :

    This is your official address on the blockchain, the long string beginning with 0x is your public ETH address and can be shared with anyone. If you want someone to send you something, this is the address you should share and the same address when you want to receive NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. (all blockchains in the near future).

  4. Tap the backbutton
  5. Go to the menu and chose [Scan QR]

    Scan this QR kod

You should recieve your first NFT after some seconds up to minutes.

If it would not work it is probably because Enjin has changed the QR code, the batch or are out of this particular NFT. You can try visiting Engine’s website to find a QR code to scan.

A tip is to always keep an eye on @ENJIN on Twitter and social media where they often release NFTs.


  1. Go back to [Assets]
  2. There should now be something called Engine collection 2.0 (JumpNet) in your list. Go to it.
  3. Click Enjineer
  4. Click Enjineer #xxxxx
  5. See here you now several choices where you can:

    . Sell ​​your NFT on Enjin jumpnet marketplace

    . Migrate your NFT to Ethereum (costs gas)

    . Send your NFT to another address on Jumpnet
  6. Under Asset details you will see a “reserve value” which is the amount you can get for your NFT if you destroy it (melt).

    This means that if you do not want to keep your NFT but do not want to sell it, you can destroy it by “melt” it
    which is not recommended as you get all the more so if you sell it.

    You will then get back the contents of the $ JENJ cryptocurrency, but your NFT will disappear for good.

    $ JENJ is the cryptocurrency on Enjin Jumpnet that is migratory to $ ENJ
    $ ENJ is the cryptocurrency on Enjin (Ethereum) that can trade: as across the entire Ethereum blockchain
    $ EFI is a new cryptocurrency on Efinity (Polkadot) which will link all blockchains

Win 1000 ENJ Copy

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The Future of NFTs

The future is cross-chain.

Only one NFT marketplace is positioned to let you mint, trade, buy, and sell across different Layer 1s as well as the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem.

Hold your NFTs in a wallet on Efinity while passively earning staking rewards. Reach across chains to place bids. Placing bids organically gains rewards for price discovery.

The future of NFTs is easy, with all of the hard stuff done for you.

As it should be.

Woho, got my Splinteraura back

Alright, after a lot of work and doing crazy shit things IRL i focused on renting some cards today, i started off smal with the Mylor after i had a talk with my guild. I went up to bronze 2 very fast but been stuck since so i rented Oaken Behemoth and now is starting to climb up again. I just love it that you have to stuy the cards and choose different tactics based on the opponents.

I noticed SPS has been declining after that big pumparumpa, but it’s ok fren, I’ve been through this to many times to let the fomo feckery demons take over. SPS has a great utility and we will probably see loads of nice uppies while we play. I’m sticking with my staked ones for a long time! how about u?

I love it that i got my play back.. i was about to leave this game. Hope ya all own!

#splinterlands #spt

Myler, Spirit druid and Oaken – Splinterlands

My first modtune in 20 years


So, i made the decision to take time from changing diapers, working, spending times with my kids to release some of my melodies in my head that got stuck since around -02 .

This tune will be realeased on the blockchain as an NFT but i am currently waiting for some bugfixes on the Enjin Jumpnet.

I would really appriciate on hearing what you think about the tune? A reminder is that is basically original tracked with 8bit samples so consider this before you judge it.

I am currently also working on another tune with better samples with an -80 inspired melody and an Avicii vibe to it. I also have this friend who is thinking of adding a song to it

You can download and listen to the .mp3 here .


Tips on getting back in splinterlands

I have been involved with NFT’s since the end of -17 when i started collecting them trough Enjin. I have probably tried every game in the scene. As i have done this i have met a lot of ppl who share the same hobby and some of them has come to be daily friends who i interact with and try different new games with.

Around January we started playing Splinterlands and as I recently started exploring games on different blockchains then Enjin, Splinterlands was the one who catched my drift due to the spellbook was at a affordable price and the game looked so good!

At first i yolo’d in and used my superhero ability ADHD to start earning cards, i think i played around 100 battles after eachother until i noticed that my hive earnings declined and i read up that it was no sence trying to yolo and the cards was pretty much already balanced so you couldnt just choose cards and just hope to win.. U had to read up and learn.

This was great as the more i read up and learned the abilitys of the cards the game got me even more hooked and we started our guild, played the dailys and ranked up. it was all fine and dandy.

Bot accounts hey ok!

After i watched an AMA on Discord the dev told us that they had no problems with bots or alt accounts and first i was like.. WTF? but when they explained that instead of banning them they are trying to work against them with different methods. I thought ok, well lets just hope it doesn’t interfere with us new players who actually are here playing the game.

Some days after the AMA they had discovered that there was something wrong with the economy of buying pots for the quests and a lot of players/exploiters had used a way to buy questpotions for fiat and somehow learned to earn on it so they nerfed the questpotion price in fiat and raised it to 750 dec.

I had already bought around 5 questpotions so i thought ok well.. they probably fixed the price in the next couple of days so i continued doing my dailys and moving on with the guild. but after 10 dailys in a row with no cards i got frustrated and actually bought a questpotion for 750 dec which gave me a the daily price of 7 dec. After this i had enough of it.

The ranking up

It’s safe to say that doing 1 daily is not enough for ranking up specially when not earning any cards (not even dec after the last patch).

The tips i got was to rent cards and rank up.. but i feel like doing this every season doesn’t quite make it for me.. i wanna earn my own cards, so the last 2 months i am sorry to say i (among others in the guild) have lost interest in the game.

I guess me and some guildmembers are not the only ones loosing interest?

Hey card renters, is it worth it? how are you managing it? please make me get my interest back!

The chaos legion

I have my eyes out for the presale of Chaos Rehion, hoping it will bring my and others interest back tho.

Get your first free NFT now! #MYFIRSTNFT

  1. Download the Enjin wallet to your phone:

    Google Play or Apple app store

  2. Select [Open wallet]

  3. Select [Create wallet]

  4. Accept the terms and conditions

  5. Choose a password for your wallet transactions

  6. Select the coins you want to use
    (prefer ENJ, JENJ, EFI, JEFI, ETH, you can change and add coins later)

    write down your recovery phrase on a piece of paper to be stored in a safe place,
    do not keep the seeds anywhere online or share them anywhere.

    If you loose your password/phone or wallet you will be able to get your coins back by using these words.

  8. You are now a proud owner of a wallet who you can hold coins and NFT’s in.

9. Select [Scan QR]

Scan this qr with your phone or download the image and choose [Choose QR code from Gallery]


10. Choose [Assets] and go check out your fresh new NFT who is sellable, meltable and tradeable on jumpnet.Enjinx,io

Note* Enjin wallet 2.0 is under heavy development, be sure to keep track.

NFT:s is NOT scams

Today Brokep (Formet Piratebay spokesman) tweeted:

I replied with the word “NFT” just to mark a point as i was in a hurry, it did not take long until i had a comment from this guy Benjamin:

with a link to a big article from someone named David Gerard who seems to be against crypto in general, and of course he felt the need to go against everything that has to do with the blockchain.

His catchprase is “Banksying the unbanksied” who clearly marks his views..

I’ve read through the article and i concur that he has some valid points, but these valid points are still under developement and needs solving.

This is mostly right, the adress and id of the NFT is there forever but the metadata and content is changeable for the owner/artist/minter of the asset which means if they put the wrong picture in or missedspelled a letter they can change it, not you or anyone else can do this.. only the creator of the asset.

You can call this a centralized control if you want to… it’s ok Fren… but
it doesn’t mean your buying nothing but an adress from an artist.

Well.. Isn’t this up to the artist of the NFT?
The artist/creator/minter is the only one being able to change the info and the content who comes along with the adress and id of the NFT.

You are making it sound like theres nothing except an blockchain adress which is false, your are buying all the work and a piece of the art the artist are selling as an NFT, this piece is always bound to your adress forever and is totally in your possession with the rights to share, sell and destroy it.

About the licenceing.. i do concur.. we need to make something good out of it.. and it’s being worked on.
The rest of the two meaning i aint even gonna answer..

Theres a long text on how the purpose of NFT’s is to give money to “grifters” who is another word for “scammers”, my only answer to this is..


But this doesnt mean that the tech of blockchain and NFT’s are stupid and nothing to build on….

YES there are scammers all over the cryptoscene, but there is also a lot of non scammers, artists, tech-enthusiasts, digital creators like me (and you) who really does not care about how high up bitcoin is or how much you can leverage on Binance.
We are looking for alternatives on how to spread our work and we love the new tech behind it.

This long text of crap makes me believe that this guy has been rect one time or hasn’t been able to put his wife’s magnificant art on the blockchain yet and getting his anger out.. and nothing more.

On his “about me” page he has written that “As well as being a crypto journalist, David also works as a Unix system administrator, where his job includes keeping track of exciting new technologies, and advising against the bad ones.”.

Yet he is working against tech who is flawfull.. maybe not yet ready for the mainstream public.. but still flawfull..

If he really is against the tech of the Blockchain and is serious about it.. i wouldn’t mind a more brief techology book about it but not a “Scammers scams in crypto.” – book and a serious blatant blogpost.

Yes, trading,buying,selling NFT’s in ETH costs gas, gas i way to high right now. But there are alternatives.. AND it is being worked on as we speak but your main goal is to debunk and destroy the world of it.

What artists have spent $100 dollars they couldn’t spare? your wife?

And the scam stuff again… ZZzz

Again, is this not up to the artist? The artist imply that the ownership of the adress/id/asset that you have bought/won/recieved and are holding grants you a digital ownership of the art that the artist has made if it states so..

As a fan of something i’d be proud to be owning an NFT, a digital piece froom that artist.

“The whole idea of Bitcoin was a property unconfiscatable by the government, that they could use as money. Instead of a framework of laws and rights, they’d use … a blockchain! ”


This text rest of the blatant text he’s writing .. has nothing to do with a digital owned piece of NFT on the blockchain. It has to do with his beliefs against bitcoin and the blockchain tech in general and is trying to use smart words about it which just sounds like… crap.

This is just.. creepy… so by explaining it to five year olds and compairing all your fancy words above with writing something on a piece of paper you think u’ve explained NFT’s for a five year old ?

I thought you were a tech guy.. but.. i also thought your audience was over 5 years old and had some interests in tech.


I could go on debunking a lot of things in this text, like the Björk album where to “invest” in something like audiocoins would be like owning an NFT ?. or King of Leon doing an NFT of their album who really isn’t an NFT.

But! this guy end up his blog post by:

“some small artists have done very well indeed from NFT’s”

pretty much debunking your own big post about NFT’s being Scammer material only. 😮

What i think..

I have been in the tech of NFT’s since the beginning with Enjin. I have collected NFT’s since 2017 by playing games, airdrops, beams, you name it.

By writing cringe blogposts about how crypto is a big scam makes me and many others feel undervalued as techguys and artists.

I seriously gets angry that people are that narrowminded and gets to influence about it when they dont know shit, it’s either that or they are only looking for attention.. like this bloak probably is to sell his shit books.

The NFT space has bloomed the last year and i see whales doing their thing, they roll up the prices on NFT’s and sell them at incredible prices between eachother to get people to buy in their JPEG’s…

BUT this still doesn’t mean that buying a NFT is a scam!

My tip is.. Dont just go and fetch the first best NFT you see.. get one who you feel comfortable with and is legit owned by the artist, game or creator, hodl it and you’ll be fine.

It’s my birthday

Wow, today i turned 40, it’s crazy how old i am..

I was hoping to have time to release my first NFT’s before my birthday but i just had to much to figure out and fix IRL first and i still have an upload problem at Enjin. I am not in a hurry to get them out and have other priorities with my work.

I’ve gotten some questions lately from friends about why i’ve suddenly chosen to profile myself online like this. 

I can start off with that i never had the tought of being someone important in the web/tech industry or start a “career” as i always consider myself not fully learned in what i’ve been doing. I never had any kind of schoolar or help except from reading up and through old hacker friends.

My wife Maria was the one who actually got me at the right path around 2008-2009 when we met, she was calm, she knew i was some kind of a computerguy but not at what extent, she also wondered why there would turn up like DVD players, TV’s, Videocam recorders, gift cards and etc at our door and i always told her a white lie about how i won them in online contests but i surely did manipulate the shit out of the games using various methods.

I never really expressed my knowledge to her or any of my friends and family for that matter. I kept it a bit secret and was more known as the “computerguy” who helped them click the right path in windows and remove viruses.

I always somehow wanted this world to be a part for myself only, to be able to hide and run to when i felt like it. 

But today i’ve turned 40 so maybe this suddenly hompeage is an 40 year old crisis?

I got some inspiration of making another tune inspired by an old ENJiner Eirik the Viking and I also recieved a birthday gift NFT from the game Age of rust today!

Great stuff!!