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Wow, today i turned 40, it’s crazy how old i am..

I was hoping to have time to release my first NFT’s before my birthday but i just had to much to figure out and fix IRL first and i still have an upload problem at Enjin. I am not in a hurry to get them out and have other priorities with my work.

I’ve gotten some questions lately from friends about why i’ve suddenly chosen to profile myself online like this. 

I can start off with that i never had the tought of being someone important in the web/tech industry or start a “career” as i always consider myself not fully learned in what i’ve been doing. I never had any kind of schoolar or help except from reading up and through old hacker friends.

My wife Maria was the one who actually got me at the right path around 2008-2009 when we met, she was calm, she knew i was some kind of a computerguy but not at what extent, she also wondered why there would turn up like DVD players, TV’s, Videocam recorders, gift cards and etc at our door and i always told her a white lie about how i won them in online contests but i surely did manipulate the shit out of the games using various methods.

I never really expressed my knowledge to her or any of my friends and family for that matter. I kept it a bit secret and was more known as the “computerguy” who helped them click the right path in windows and remove viruses.

I always somehow wanted this world to be a part for myself only, to be able to hide and run to when i felt like it. 

But today i’ve turned 40 so maybe this suddenly hompeage is an 40 year old crisis?

I got some inspiration of making another tune inspired by an old ENJiner Eirik the Viking and I also recieved a birthday gift NFT from the game Age of rust today!

Great stuff!!