An outspoken NFT, Web3, and blockchain games
fanatic. occasionally writes about IRL stuff too.



This is a webpage where I (Fermus) will express some of my personal feelings and thoughts. I probably will try to be funny, transparent, sarcastic and occasionally angry at times.

I am surely going to post a lot of info about my favourite blockchain games and the creations I make. Some about web3, NFTs, blockchain and webdesign but also stuff i do with my frens and family.

But.. why?

I want to get rich by blogging about simple crap. I want to take over the world and influence people to be 100% political correct like me and get all of my 1 million+ followers to do exactly as I say.

You can check out my terms and goals here


I could use this site as a playground to test out different web-thingies, try to work with myself, learn to express myself on what i have to offer instead of lurking the Internetz in stealthmode as I´ve done over the past 26 years.

It could also be a fun thing to have and embarrase my offspring bots Milo, Lee and Frans to look back at one day when I’m 6 feet deep down under.

Fermus ?

I am currently working as a freelancing webdesigner and developer at my own company and working nightshifts as an machine-operator.

I’ve been playing  games, lobbying decentralization and true digital ownership since as far as i can remember, i love creating digital stuff like music, sounds, art and design.

I am an old modtune tracker and scriptkiddy programmer and loved to be a part of the demoscene back in the days where we created some chiptunes and cracktros for our everyday consumers.

Read more.. rly?


As many of us demosceners I was early in the blockchain tech but I never did any big investements or started to mine. I got involved with the Enjin family back in -18 -19 when Witek built the ERC-1155 and got totally stuck with the idea of NFTs. The idea of owning a uniquely identifiable digital piece of something is like the inventing of water for me. The tech is still so early but it somehow feels like it should have been invented ages ago. I tink the mind of “ordinary people” has not really understood the possibilites with NFTs yet and alot of people seems to start off by hating on it because of all the bad actors in crypto. Specially after the NFT boom -21.


I started to play every game adopted by Enjins echosystem from the start where i have collected various NFT:s since. I really do not care so much how much they are worth right now. If you are bored and want to try the games out, check out my section down below.

If you are an NFT hater or a schiller your very welcome to write your views on things in my comment section.

I also would love it if you wanna fren me at my socials for the plan to take over the world togheter.


The blog

I write alot about the tech of blockchain and No fungible tokens, play and earn gaming, webdesign and development and I do general techy tips and guides that I´ve learned troughout the years. I  occasionally write about IRL too.


I play alot of games on my freetime with my kids which also are adopting the technology of NFTs. I express my own views about the games we play in general and the exitement of earning/winning your own digital collectors items. 


I occasionally do my own digital stuff by creating music, designs, webpages and also NFTs (soon).

I have a hard working ADHD brain in which I find myself in needs to be creative and release steam boiled up in my head.

Fermus goals

And where i’m at.

  • Be Funny 100% 100%
  • Be Transparent 70% 70%
  • Provide 4 family 49% 49%
  • Be Political correct 8% 8%
  • Get rich 3% 3%
  • Get 1 million followers 0.001% 0.001%
  • Take over the world 0.0001% 0.0001%

What the hell is this? Well.. u shoulda had read more.